Learn the Secrets Behind Fitness Models and Photo-Shoot Ready Bodies

A nutrition and fitness book for those that train hard and are frustrated they aren’t seeing the results they feel they
should. The book will be released in a couple of months. Meanwhile, download the first chapter for free.

Mark Ottobre

Author of Eat Your Way To Abs
Owner and Founder, Enterprise Fitness

Mark Ottobre



At the risk of sounding cliché, I wrote this book to help more people… I know, so cheesy, but hear me out.

The world of fitness and nutrition is almost as divisive as American Politics… Calorie Counters are in conflict with Keto, intermittent fasters are in battle with the evidence-based community, and vegans are at war with… well everyone, including each other for not being #VegoEnough.

Then there’s me and you.

We just want results and to learn and practice a lifestyle so we can feel powerful in the boardroom and sexy in the bedroom.

So here it is. My approach. It’s no nonsense, easy to understand, and most importantly, it works. It has produced thousands of life-changing results and over 270 first place winners in bikini, figure and physique comps. So let me help you ditch diets, shift your mindset and give you the practical tools to train hard, eat well and supplement smart!

Whether You Love Training And Fitness Or Simply Want
To Start Seeing Results, I Wrote This Book For You…

If this sounds like you…

This book is a must.

A Tried And True Approach To Nutrition And Body Composition -Proven By Thousands Of Clients

I’ve been a personal trainer for almost two decades. In that time, I’ve trained elite athletes, magazine models, fitness competitors and everyday Janes and Joes.

I built my personal training studio and reputation on results. My team and I have trained over 270 first place winners, two Commonwealth Games gold medalist and thousands of head-turning body transformations.

This isn’t a book about helping you understand biochemistry, it’s about using what we know about biochemistry to help you achieve your best – inside and outside the gym.


Most nutrition books are written for people who don’t go to the gym and 
only want to lose a couple of kilos. I write for people who take results seriously and want to look hot naked.

So I get it. This is probably not the first book on nutrition you’ve ever 
read, and it probably won’t be your last. However, it will be paradigm-shifting. A book you come back to and recommend to others wanting to get in shape the right way.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness newbie, my nutrition system and philosophy will help you level up your results, free you from confusion and give you clarity on what to implement and how. 

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

You Don’t Need a Better Diet

Chapter 1 is about the psychology of change. Most folks focus on the goal, but become lost after they hit it or depressed when they don’t. The model taught in this chapter will teach a new paradigm for setting fitness and physique goals.

Where Should We Begin?

Creating better nutritional habits doesn’t need to be confusing. This chapter tells you where you should begin with making changes to your nutrition and fitness protocols and why popularised diets are never what they seem. PLUS: The Truth About Breakfast.

Hormones and Calories

Every popular diet either espouses it because of calories or hormones. The problem is, in nutrition, these two schools of thought are at war. I break down the truth and falsehoods behind each so you can better understand why popular diets work — without the smoke and mirrors or fancy talk. PLUS: The Enterprise Fitness Wheel.

A Session with Ms Hungry

I’ve had no shortage of clients who come to see me frustrated, hungry and depressed. In this chapter, I take you inside of a consult to learn some pivotal lessons on responsibility and doing the work. PLUS: The Truth About Snacking.

Putting Your Plan Together

In this chapter, I lay it out clearly: what to do and how to do it using two systems, depending on personal preference. If you’re looking for practical advice on implementation, this chapter has you covered.

Foods to Eliminate, Reduce or Replace

So many modern nutrition authors and experts tout ‘anything can be health’ to avoid making a firm stance — this does nothing but confuse people as to what they should be eating for optimal health. In this chapter, I call a spade a spade and unpack the 4 foods to either eliminate, reduce or replace.

Don’t Blame Your Doctor

Our health system operates via the diagnosis of disease — which for the most part is a great thing. However, it doesn’t cater to the health and fitness obsessed nut who wants to use lab work to further their health and body composition. In this chapter, I give you a number of tools to better optimise your body composition and health. PLUS: My Top Supplements.

My Thoughts on… (FAQs')

This chapter covers numerous hot topics from training, diet fads, supplements and frequently asked questions. This is all the stuff you wanted to ask, answered in a short, sharp and punchy way. 

Amazing Client Results Based On
What You Will Learn In The Book

Client 3
Client 4
Client 5
Client 6
Client 7
Client 8

Janet Kane

4x Ms Australia, 3x Arnold Classic Gold Medalist

Janet Kane

4x Ms Australia, 3x Arnold Classic Gold Medalist

Andrew Moloney

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, WBA Oceania Flyweight Champion, 2019 WBA world super flyweight champion

Andrew Moloney

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, WBA Oceania Flyweight Champion, 2019 WBA world super flyweight champion

Amanda Rakusic

Figure Champion

Amanda Rakusic

Figure Champion
Client 9
Enterprise Client 10
Client 12

Belinda Carusi

All Females Fitness Model Champion

Belinda Carusi

All Females Fitness Model Champion

Shereen Oliver

Figure International Champion

Shereen Oliver

Figure International Champion

Tristan Boyce

Mr Australia (Junior)

Tristan Boyce

Mr. Australia (Junior)


Mark Ottobre is the founder of Enterprise Fitness, Melbourne’s premier personal training studio. Mark and the team at Enterprise Fitness have coached over 270 first place winners in bikini, fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitions and countless transformations for everyday gym-goers wanting to maximise their results.

Mark has been at the pinnacle of physique prep as a coach, training multiple Australian and international champions, and as a strength coach, training Commonwealth Games gold medalists, Australian and world champion boxers. Elite athletes aside, Mark’s core focus is delivering excellence in personal training to everyday folks serious about results. His team of Enterprise Fitness personal trainers are industry-leading, working with a diverse clientele from all walks of life: teens, CEOs, celebrities, mums and dads, to the eldest Enterprise client, at 73.

As an industry leader, Mark provides numerous courses and internships for personal trainers and coaches wanting to develop their career and business. Mark’s courses are highly sought after across personal training communities. Trainers, students and clients have flown in from 13 different countries to attend his trainings and seminars held at Enterprise Fitness. Mark regularly likes to talk shop with other industry experts on his podcast and YouTube show, The Wolf’s Den. Topics range from powerlifting and training techniques to nutrition and scientific discussions, with renown professionals and sports icons.

Mark is a qualified sports nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a Poliquin International Certified Level 5, a Master Strength Coach, and holds numerous certifications in olympic lifting, nutrition, assessment and coaching.


Have you seen those before and after photos, you know the ones? On the left, they’re overweight and unhappy, and on on the right, they’ve transformed their body and lives? Well I do that, but for real.

I’ve been a personal trainer since 2006, and during this time I’ve trained world champions, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists, Australian champions, Mr and Ms Australia’s, fitness models, bodybuilders, figure athletes and my bread and butter, everyday Janes and Joes wanting to level up and feel confident and powerful in their own skin.

Because the advice I give works, I’ve had clients (and students) jump on a plane to come visit Enterprise Fitness, my personal training studio in Melbourne, for training, workshops and seminars. One guy has even travelled 36 hours from Canada 3 times, to which I’m incredibly humbled by.

With all that said, I think what I do best is give clear, practical, real world advice on training, nutrition and fitness that delivers results.

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You Don’t Need A Better Diet

Click the video to watch a sneak peak of Mark explaining one of the mindset models from chapter 1.

Download Chapter 1:

You Don’t Need a Better Diet and stay up to date on Eat Your Way To Abs release date

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